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A Minecraft utility mod for anarchy servers

This is an open source project written primarily by 086, dominikaaaa and iBuyMountainDew. It has many useful combat and general utilities to assist the player.

See the FAQ pages for information about using the mod itself, and the modules page for information about the 120+ unique modules this mod has.

This project was started by 086 in early 2018, and it gained popularity for having the best CrystalAura. In late 2019 dominikaaaa picked up the project, noticing the lack of modules, with iBuyMountainDew taking over the project after 6 months of work by dominikaaaa.

086 ported the original project to the Fabric mod system, in early 2020, with dominikaaaa making plans to port Blue to the new plugin system for it.

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Please consider donating to help support this project and get a unique cape in game. (Capes are a minimum $5 donation, due to PayPal and bank fees, sorry).

Baritone now included!

Use the ;b command, or test out Aura and other modules which now have Baritone compatibility!


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Elytra and Cape

Elytra and Cape



Capes in game

Capes in game

Shulker preview being used in chat

Shulker preview being used in chat

CrystalAura targeting

CrystalAura targeting


Please see the issues page for planned features and bugs.

This is currently in active development. When issues are being closed is by milestone, and bugs are higher priority, though there aren’t any bugs that break something completely.

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See forgehax for an equivalent. Some features in KAMI may be based on those of forgehax, and KAMI / KAMI Blue have some features it doesn't. KAMI Blue won't be based off of other mods unless said otherwise. If you get banned for breaking a servers rules using KAMI Blue, it is not any of the developers fault. It is meant to be used on *anarchy* servers, which do not have rules.

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Thank you

zeroeightysix for the original KAMI

ZeroMemes for Alpine

ronmamo for Reflections

The Minecraft Forge team for forge

All the contributors, including the ones who will be remembered in comments and in our hearts. This has been a huge community effort and I couldn’t have done it without them.